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A Dual Dawn

Out with the old, in with the new…

Blogging is not something new to me. This may seem strange coming from a guy who has just finished composing the maiden post of his ‘new’ blog but it is the truth. There used to be another blog, another ‘confession box’, which location on the web I will not reveal, for fear that what I have written in the past will come back to haunt me. There was a time in the past when I wrote to purge the pain, an exhibitionist’s attempt at a sort of self-renewal. Sometimes I wonder if I wrote to deal with my problems, or if I wrote to show them off. Hearts on sleeves, as much as they shock and disturb, do not belong there, they clamour to be let back in. Looking back, I am almost embarrassed of what I wrote – poetic confessionals and all. I could so easily delete that ‘old’ blog, but half the fun is knowing that it is somewhere out there, waiting to be revisited.

I wonder, why do people blog? We all know that the advent of technology has placed at our fingertips a power to express and be heard that eluded past generations. All of a sudden, ‘citizen journalism’ and ‘web 2.0’ are the new buzzwords. We now have to ability to generate content, manage it, and share it with others, often strangers. Whatever we have in mind – to allow friends an insight into our lives, to share our opinions on issues, or simply to free our minds, it would be such a shame if the convenience and power we are afforded are put to waste in under-utility. So I gladly jump onto the bandwagon too, in celebration of expression and community.

university: derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, roughly meaning “community (coincidence???) of teachers and scholars“.

Today also marks the dawn of university life for me. It certainly has been a long time coming, with NS providing, I grudgingly concede, a necessary intermission for me to grow and to mature. The blatant irresponsibility that was the hallmark of my JC life has to be laid to rest. I look forward to the years of learning ahead, within this ‘universe’ of like-minded people, seeking the enrichment of minds and the broadening of perspectives.

A dual dawn – I bask in its warm light.

for more on my college experiences, click here.


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