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the daily show (comedy central)


here’s a daily show that i watch. its called the daily show (duh…) with jon stewart on comedy central in the US. i dun think its available on cable in singapore but there are other means of obtaining it (in a fashion similar to the style of the show – highjacking, etc.).

the daily shows is presented in the same format as a newscast, say, on CNA, CNN or CNBC, with a focus on american politics (which by extension, impacts the world). the only difference in this case is the obvious irreverence of the ‘anchor’, jon stewart, who is a mirthful cynic with no qualms about spewing obscenities and belittling politicians (usually republicans). furthermore, the show makes no attempt in concealing its leftist slant, but i somehow feel that it is ‘mercenary’ in that it will go with the trend (republican-bashing will soon be made an olympic sport). there is an emphasis on entertainment (it is on comedy central after all), in this case it means distorting facts and adding subtle and usually not so subtle insults for laughs. welcome to journalism 2.0.

with the whole controversy surrounding falsified news, it makes me wonder if the daily show is a parody of bad journalism taken to an extreme. with its substantial viewership, this show is in a position to influence opinions and i do sense that not all viewers take the ‘reporting’ with the recommended pinch of salt. whatever it is, the daily show is entertainment first and foremost, then a source of information. so i’ll take what it says with my bottle of salt, and spill some in laughter.

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