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aha shake… gimme a break

4/4 time he obeys.

rocking, subduing screw-loosed seats,

to some internal rhyme –

– in his head.


4 taps a second,

utter urgency.

she types and types –

– worthless nothings.

the ”locomotive loco” and the “trippin’ typist”, two lecture theatre ‘fiends’. the first (shakerboy) almost knocked my mac to the ground with his persistent, though precisely-timed, rocking back and forth. he almost got knocked by me too. i wonder if they serve party-drugs with lunch in the canteens these days…

the second (possessed secretary) whacks so hard and fast at her keyboard that no manufacturer would give her a warranty if they had known. from the rate at which she was typing, you’d think she was helping to avert some nuclear disaster. then i looked over at her screen and saw that she was rapidly shuttling between friendster and her friends’ blogs, typing comments and all that ‘javacodovar’. at that point i didn’t feel friendly, and boy, did i have a few comments of my own.

stop LTFs today!

for more on my college experiences, click here.


One response

  1. Don’t be so dramatic! i’d probably be the one who keeps shutting off and on the com cuz i keep trying to change the font size. haha. oh hang on. i already do that!

    Friday August 17, 2007 at 6:51 pm

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