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weenie widgets

as i was pondering what to write tonight, a thought came across my mind. since i have set out to create a blog with the various elements that make up the title descriptor in mind, i should accord equal attention to each of the them. scouring through my posts, i realised that the mac ones are lacking in number so here’s a post on the subject. rejoice, my red, fruity brothers and sisters! be further antagonised, ye unconverted…


what you are gawking at above is called the ‘dashboard’, something macusers conjure by nonchalantly hitting the f12 key. within the dashboard, i have added ‘widgets’ (they are called that because they are ‘midgets’ you kidnap off the ‘web’ to slave for you) that greatly help to speed up my workflow. introducing them:

top left: a calendar and a clock, to keep track of date and time, us macusers are visionaries who constantly traverse the time-space continuum so the importance of this widget cannot be underestimated.

top middle: singapore’s weather forecast, extremely important if i am planning outdoor activities, like a rain-dance.

top right: the slimmest dictionary/thesaurus in the world, even slimmer than my ipod nano (yes, they actually work) as well as a language translator (we bend cultures and languages too).

just below: a calculator (primary school level) and a ‘ping’ widget which i press everytime i update my blog, so that the technorati will be notified (they don’t like my blog, they just have a need to KNOW).

to the left of that: 4 ‘stickies’ (can add more), very much like post-its, where i jot down notes and memos, like the idiosyncrasies of professors and half-baked poems that will never see the light of day.

bottom left: an application called ‘sing that itune!’ which automatically searches the web for the lyrics to the song i am playing on itunes so i can sing along! (this particular widget is deaf, and that is the only reason why it hasn’t taken its own life).

right at the bottom, you see the ‘dock’ which has since become a hallmark of mac operating systems (a dock to the mothership, baby, the mothership comes!).

pretty slick huh?

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