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the coolest screensaver/clock

here’s a screensaver that is actually functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. the ‘polar clock’ by pixelbreaker has a very unconventional way of telling the date and the time. if you look at the picture below, you will notice a bunch of half formed coloured rings, each of which keeps track of a particular item (i.e. month, day, the hour, the minute, etc.). now imagine that the rings are actually moving towards forming full circles, with the ‘seconds’ counter the most active. click here to see an animation of the polar clock on pixelbreaker’s website. this screensaver is an open-source software, and is available for download for both windows and mac.


for mac users, a little extra. the polar clock can also be downloaded as a widget! go check it out. props to my bro for sharing. he’s the marco polo of unusual tech stuff. do drop by his blog – the second press.


for more mac+tech related posts, click here.


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