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[consumer reports] is one of the bastions of objectivity in the world of consumerism. dr. george introduced this consumer resource in one of his lectures on the external influences on media, in which he talked about how the ‘standards of objectivity’ in the media have been undermined by commercialism. this is precisely why independent, non-profit organisations which do not accept test samples or advertising requests such as [consumer reports] are so novel as well as valued.

since i am a photography hobbyist, i checked out [consumer reports]’s section on cameras and lenses. i managed to find an excellent article on how to choose a camera, and that was about it. most of the reviews and ratings are only available to subscribers, which isn’t surprising as subscriptions is the only source of revenue for [consumer reports]. i believe that this magazine targets working adults with houses and kids as the information provided gives a very broad coverage of consumer items (safety standards of cars, kitchen appliances, the longest lasting lightbulb, etc.). as for people who seek more in-depth information, specialist magazines are more suitable. besides, there are also plenty of free online resources competing for readership.

having said that, the objectivity and accurate reporting that have become the hallmark of [consumer reports] is still recognised and respected by consumers, and this is evidently reflected in its circulation figures of 4 million readers worldwide.

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One response

  1. Jinhe

    Thanks for the heads up. You’ve been diligent with research. Need to check it out in a while. 😀

    Saturday September 1, 2007 at 9:31 pm

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