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separated at birth?

separated at birth case #1


the ipod touch, released just yesterday, is basically an iphone without the phone (mutation caused by excessive exposure to cellphone radiation). the ipod touch comes in 8gb or 16gb and retails starting at US$299 for the 8gb model. the touch sensitive screen is impressive but with such puny capacities, i think people will buy the ipod ‘classic’ or the older versions of the ipod video.

separated at birth case #2


presenting the new ipod na… the what?! the ipod nano is really not that ‘nano’ anymore, is it? looks like it went on a binge. what was steve jobs thinking?! has he been leafing through creative’s blueprints? the nano and the zen vision look similar, just that their umbilical cords are done in different ways. yeah yeah, the new nano is still small and all but it’s… fat. i think i’ll hold on to my 2nd generation nano.

just a thought… apple has dropped the ‘i’ from its line of laptops (ibook to macbook). will the ipod be next in line to lose the ‘i’? ‘macpod’ anyone?

these and more were unveiled during steve job’s keynote address yesterday. to learn more about the new ipods, click here. to watch the keynote address, click here.

for more mac+tech posts, click here.


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