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the world without us


have you ever wondered what will happen to the earth if human beings are taken out of the equation? alan weisman, an award winning journalist, considers this scenario in his new book, ‘the world without us’. in this book, weisman forecasts human impact on the environment by predicting, in an interesting twist, how other species as well as what we have built will end up should we be wiped off the earth. in the course of his research, he has traveled to places like chernobyl and the korean DMZ – untouched by human hands for decades, to study the earth’s ‘self healing’ ability. he has also interviewed top leaders, thinkers and scientists while designing these predictions.

weisman picked this method over the conventional ‘prophet of doom’ approach, employed by many environmentalists, as he believes that the prospect of a ‘humanless’ planet will intrigue and engage readers. this book is currently on the NYT bestsellers’ list and it is also on my ‘to read’ list’. to check out the book’s website, click here. if you don’t want to go through the whole website, click here for an interesting diagram.

still on the subject of apocalyptic tomes, al gore is working on a sequel, in the form if a book, to his documentary ‘an inconvenient truth‘. the sequel will be titled ‘the path to survival’ and it will contain the steps al gore believes must be taken to avoid the catastrophes envisioned in its predecessor. it should be out sometime middle of next year. watch out for that.

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