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term$ apply

if you click on the link to my brother’s blog on the sidebar, this is what you will see:


so, his blog has been suspended. according to automattic (owner of wordpress), he violated certain ‘terms of service‘ that regulate the use of wordpress.com-hosted blogs for private commercial benefits.

first, who reads the terms of service anyway? it’s just a bunch of crap written by crackpot lawyers huddling together, trying to make the world a worse place.

second of all, it seems like writing reviews for money is considered ‘unethical’. if so, why then do other blog hosts condone it? what’s wrong with writing reviews for money anyway? people get informed and the writer gets paid. is there some ‘standards of objectivity’ here i do not know of? is wordpress starting to channel wikipedia?

thirdly, wordpress.com does not allow google adsense and textlink ads on its blogs. this is enforced by not allowing users to edit the html/css unless a sum is paid. MONEY REALLY TALKS! in fact, it SHOUTS! this on top of all those terms.

so my brother tried to log on to his blog yesterday, hoping to make an entry. imagine his dismay at seeing that message appear. years of work ‘archived’, as automattic so nicely phrased it. one moment the blog was there, and boom! the next it’s gone. no warning, no nothing. talk about being unethical. oh, i forgot, automattic has every right to remove content deemed ‘harmful’ or ‘objectionable’, as stated in the ‘terms of service’. thing is, who reads that stuff anyway?

take a good hard look at this blog. it might not be here tomorrow.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


2 responses

  1. cynicalsynapse

    Umm…did your brother have a paid account? Or was he blogging at WordPress.com for no charge? If he paid, he should have read the terms of service because that’s part of the contract. If he didn’t pay for the service, then it’s really up to WordPress whether or not they want to continue doing favors.

    I’m not trying to take automattic’s side and I don’t usually read the terms of service or software end-user license agreements or other lawyer-money-maker documents either. But a contract is a contract (if money was exchanged) or if it’s a freebie, then nothing is owed in the first place.

    Wednesday September 12, 2007 at 10:15 am

  2. It’s partly my fault as I didn’t read the TOS in depth. Anyway, I’m hosting my own blog now so the folks over at automattic have no say whatsoever.

    Wednesday September 12, 2007 at 5:16 pm

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