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to see the world…

… in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour…

poetry aficionados will recognise these words as the famous opening lines of william blake‘s ‘auguries of innocence’, a poem that spoke against oppression in 18th century england (and since this theme is universal, to this day). in this piece, blake drew intricate links between the elements of nature and that of man, to the effect that a chorus of subversion is raised – as though the whole of creation, appalled by the injustice, is rebelling. blake was considered a renegade during his days because of his revolutionary views. you can call him the ‘gandhi of the 18th century’, except that he spun poems, not cloth, and he wore proper clothes. to see the more unfamiliar portions of the poem, click here.

to see the world… well, just to see the world. today’s post is actually inspired by a documentary that i watched earlier about the life and works of henri cartier-bresson – the world-famous photojournalist. as he nonchalantly rattled off the names of the places he had been, i felt a tinge of envy, as well as wanderlust. i wonder if i will ever get to view those places and see the world in all its breadth through the viewfinder of my camera.

anyway, here’s a song by ‘gomez’, a band i am currently listening to, though this song is not recent. no prizes for guessing the song, it’s called ‘see the world’. pay attention to the colour of the white shoes at the end of the video. it means something. also, notice how the different places are not represented by landmarks. rather, normal everyday scenes were shot. authentic, baby.

for more of my thoughts, click here.


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