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today i attended a welcome tea hosted by a school drama and performance club called ‘epiphany’. as is customary with welcome teas in the school, no tea was actually served. we had curry puffs and banana fritters, washed down with lime juice that smelled vaguely like the stuff my mom cleans the floor with.

it was a pleasant surprise to learn that a friend of mine, eunice, heads the publication committee that i was interested in joining. last time i saw her, she was fine. she is the same age as me but is already a year 3 student, that besides the fact that she is a vice-president in the club. i am sure she is very capable, but that doesn’t alleviate my pains of being a ’21 year-old freshie’. they really know how to make you sound like thoroughly-blended fruit juice.

as i sat in the lecture theatre listening to the executive committee members outline the objectives and plans for epiphany, i couldn’t help but wonder if i have overloaded my plate in true singaporean fashion. things could eventually get very messy. anyway, the closest thing to an epiphany i experienced just now was the realisation that i hardly knew anything about the club but had already surrendered 10 bucks at the registration counter. i don’t think that sum is refundable.

allow me to lay it out – writer/photographer for cultural activities’ club – publishing arm, probably the same for epiphany’s publication committee, hopefully (what?!) writer for nanyang chronicle, and the almost obligatory running for the freshman orientation camp committee (with the rest of my friends and their irrepressible enthusiasm). i am sure there are those who will see my list and whip theirs out in scorn but hey, i am mortal. in fact, i am too mortal (all are mortal but some are more mortal than others). check back with me in a couple of months. i might need that purging lime juice then.

and perhaps another epiphany.

for more of my college experience, click here.


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