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my ‘hard drive’ = your RAM…

i have been studying for 3 hours straight, so i am taking a break to allow my head to clear itself (that’s not really good, is it?). to me, studying communications 201 is like running adobe photoshop, maya 3d and mathematical simulations all at the same time on an obsolete computer with 128 megabytes of RAM. it doesn’t help that i lack a hard disk in my head.

all my life i have always been better at generating information rather than absorbing it, as my mother will attest to. i am constantly amazed by those with a sponge-like memory. i fail to understand how some people can just come into contact with a piece of information once and remember it for a long time.

we hear about how doctors throw babies into water to watch them swim. those babies, given a taste of the cruelty in life at such a tender age, were probably shocked into life – their senses and abilities amplified. why didn’t anyone toss me into water?

well, i suppose this is the way things are going to be. i will watch those with their shiny hard drives, and reset my RAM… again.

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