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blog action day


i was introduced to this web project by my brother today. ‘blog action day‘ will take place on the 15th of october, during when bloggers all across the world who are part of this project will write a post regarding the environment. the aim of this is to generate greater awareness of the environmental issues at hand. by drawing upon the ubiquity and the reach of blogs and their communities, it is hoped that even more people will realise the need to say and do something for the environment.

while it must be conceded that recent environmental movements have not been very effective in bringing about change, i believe that is no excuse to concede the cause altogether. it is only when the masses (politicians and corporations included) are convinced of the need for a ‘greener’ world that social and political actions can be effected.

at last count, about 5000 bloggers have signed up and aggregated an audience of approximately 3.5 million. there are still 24 days to go. if you care, pledge your voice to this cause and spread the word. do this by clicking here.

for more posts on news, click here.


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