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this post is inspired by a new purchase my brother made. with money from my parents, he got himself a brand new 3-speed floor fan. thing is, he bought a really huge floor fan, which looks ridiculous in his room. yeah, wait till you hear it go. it sounds like katrina might be resurrected in my brother’s room and that’s only at speed 1. he should have known. after all, it read ’16-inch power lux megalomaniac hyperventilator’ on the box. ever seen the kind hawkers use at wet markets to keep themselves cool as well as the flies away from their goods? yeah that’s the one. i wanted to laugh. my dad wasn’t very amused.

anyway i looked at the gleaming hulk of steel and couldn’t resist doing a little project. actually, i just wanted an excuse to break out the camera and play around with photoshop. below are the results. don’t forget to check out the ‘world’s biggest fan‘ after you are done.

switch it on…

see large sizes on my flickr. click here.

for more mac+tech (high or otherwise) posts, click here.


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