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stumbled upon


despite the fact that the internet is boundless in its breadth and depth, there were times when i simply thought that well, there was nothing more to do online after performing my usual net routine.

today i discovered an online community called ‘stumble upon‘. think of this as a facebook or friendster for people who love ‘channel-surfing’ the internet, and in the process discovering new sites. after signing up, you will be asked to list your interests, following which you will be able to see a list of like-minded people and related websites already on the community. think of it as a domain where people with similar interests congregate to share websites with each other.

you will also be prompted to install a ‘stumble upon’ taskbar which is available for mozilla firefox and internet explorer only. the taskbar facilitates ‘surfing’ as well as rating sites – all with a click. also, others in the community will be able to view your favourite sites when they check out your profile page.

man now i really have no excuse for having nothing to do online.

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