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burma, burma

a trickle today.
a torrent tomorrow
what is also known as
the democratisation of sorrow

the demonstrations in burma witnessed its first casualties today. 4 dead monks so far, with about a hundred, supporters included, injured. there have been calls from all quarters for dialogue, but how do you get the man with the gun to speak in a civil manner with one barely-clothed, especially when he feels like he has every right to dominate?

this imbalance of power can be seen time and time again through the course of history – hitler’s campaign against the jews, the violent british crackdown on passive indian resistance, idi amin’s reign of terror over certain helpless ethnic groups in uganda, etc. these records, written with the blood of the oppressed, bear testament to the horrors man can unleash. what is happening in burma today is no different.

if this is any consolation, there comes a time when oppressive regimes will have to give way to the people. problem is, at what cost?

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