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yesterday evening a bunch of us went for the screening of a short film made by 4 of our seniors. they ended up screening 2 films (‘silent’ and ‘half-‘) and a documentary.

as with most low-budget productions, the films we saw really depended a lot on concepts and artistic direction to sell. not to say that the films were bad, but i felt like the stories could have been better written. the themes were familiar and predictable, though i have to say that some really interesting perspectives were used. without special effects and all the fluff that big-budget productions bank on, it is extremely important that independent films grip the imagination of their viewers through the themes explored and the filming techniques employed. all in all, i would say that for student-made films, both were quite well done.

those of us who went agreed that the documentary on 881 was very professionally made. applause to the 4 of them for that.

to view the trailer of ‘silent’, click here.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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