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apologies and forgiveness at knocked-down prices

there was a time when people meant what they say. there was a time when the word ‘sorry’ exchanged between 2 people meant total absolution from whatever grievances between them. today, that same word has taken on a new level of ambiguity. it seems as though single words are no longer sufficient in conveying meaning. problem is, when one throws even more words into the mix, things inadvertently get nastier.

these days the acceptance of an apology is the declaration of victory. not over the situation, but over the offending party. the offering of an apology seems to contain in it a right for the wronged party to trample all over the offender. what was offered in sincerity does not seem to entail an acceptance of equal sincerity. saying sorry to someone may take a lot, but truly forgiving another is almost divine. few can truly forgive, because to them forgiveness is an abstract and retaliation the only sane method of resolution.

the apology and the act of forgiveness, one more equal than the other, one more contemptuous.

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