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absolutely scrabulous!


the word game ‘scrabble‘ is making a comeback in a big way, largely due its reincarnation as ‘scrabulous‘ (amalgamation of ‘scrabble’ and ‘fabulous’, no doubt), an application on facebook (if you haven’t heard of facebook, you must be a ‘sua ku’ a.k.a ‘mountain turtle’).

the resurgent popularity of this game seems almost inevitable. with everything from photos to homework being digitised, board games have become part of this phenomenon too. at least this electronic version of scrabble is one of the more useful and fun applications. not only do you get to improve your language abilities, you get to lord your 7 or 8 letter word (+50 bonus points) over your friends too! i mean, we have people on facebook actually buying ‘booze’ and ‘bags’ for each other, and relationships are strained when a someone receives a ‘gift’ from a friend and another doesn’t. bummer.

the above scares me. the line between reality and virtual reality is becoming increasing blurred. maybe we will all wake up one day to find ourselves part of the ‘matrix’, in cocoons spread out across vast wastelands and supervised by huge, gleaming overlords. a recent survey done in england found that facebook is causing a loss of over 100 million pounds in possible productivity daily. you get the idea.

anyway, i am thinking of forming a help group called ‘scrabbleholics anonymous’. the aim of this group will be to reform ‘scrabbleholics’ of this ‘scrarrible’ addiction. you may only join if you display the following symptoms:

– playing scrabulous while pretending to listen during lectures. every lecture.
– uncanny ability (12 points) to score (7 points) words while reading any article (9 points), as well as calculating the various permutations (double word score, triple letter score, etc.)
– holding 8 games or more at the same time. 4 with people from your hemisphere and 4 from the other, so that you will have someone to play with regardless what time it is
– inclination to play scrabble like chess.
– owns a copy of the ‘official scrabble dictionary
– argue over validity of words more than arguing over where to go for lunch
– knows that ‘scrabble’, being a 8-letter word, will score you 50 bonus points mid-game, not including ‘brownie points’ with a scrabble-digging chick
– knows how to ‘cheat at scrabble

if you display any of the above syndromes, you are a scrabbleholic. you will do well to call this number, 1800-SCRABBLE-OWNS-ME, or send an email to textusbombastikus@shakespearehatesyou.com. first 10 respondents will receive a calculus ‘200 year series’ with a zillion mind-numbing math questions. the rest will receive engineering textbooks.

since you are online, and presumably not playing scrabble, you might want to read what uncyclopedia as to say about the game. click here.

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3 responses

  1. Hey Chee … lol .. nice post šŸ™‚ regards, rajat šŸ™‚

    Wednesday October 10, 2007 at 3:46 am

  2. haha thanks man, you and your brother the saviours of scrabble!

    Wednesday October 10, 2007 at 6:25 pm

  3. Here’s a place to get some “help” playing scrabble at wordplays.com.


    Sunday October 14, 2007 at 11:46 pm

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