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of term papers and obscene terms

i have never been so stressed out over a 6-page paper my whole life. i am not exaggerating.

what do you get when you pair a guy who doesn’t feel like working with a half-finished assignment that is due tomorrow? you get a stressed out, sweating, swearing, skittering doofus who is rendered stupefied by the enormity of the task at hand and suddenly the proud owner of an obscene vocabulary that would make any sailor blush like a child of spring. ok, that was not a very good analogy but you get what i am trying to say.

i am visualising the path that my term paper has taken and will take. i just send it for printing, courtesy of amos. tomorrow he will pass the physical version to me, upon receipt of which i will staple the pieces together while uttering another profanity before handing it over to maria, the movie-screener. it will eventually find its way to the hands of the professor who will be assessing it. what a journey. what an experience.

speaking of professors, i just found out from weili that they have an obligation to write research papers in order to keep their positions. and i used to think there did it for fun! i think the life of academia suits only people who are sado masochistic. i mean, who in the world would want to write 10 000 word papers for the rest of his or her office bound life? it requires a certain flaw in character for someone to want to become a professor in my humble opinion.

if you are a professor and you are reading this, i hope you find this amusing. otherwise you can write a dissertation extolling the most high virtues of your esteemed vocation.

tomorrow i won’t speak like this. tomorrow will be better day.

for more on my college life, click here.


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