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blog action day

today is blog action day, part of an online initiative to raise awareness of the environmental issues at hand. it is an interesting time. al gore, together with the international panel on climate change, have just picked up the nobel peace prize for their work and nations are beginning to engage in talks that seem more promising than in the past.

it’s a good thing that al gore did not win the previous presidential election. if he had won he would not have dedicated his career and energy to this field. the conferring of the nobel to the pointman of environmental activism proves one thing – that the international community at large has concurred that the climate crisis is being exacerbated by man’s activities and it’s time to do something about it.

the scientists who have tried to oppose this notion for so long are losing their grip on the scientific community. objectivity and differing points of view are valued, but there have been reports of how those scientists were bribed by huge corporations to propagate opposing theories in the interests of those corporations. the ironic thing is that change must first begin with these organisations, either by convincing corporate moguls of the harm their companies are doing and/or finding ways to reduce their influence on politics.

this is why i believe that al gore’s ‘appointment’ as the ‘chief environmental broker’ is an exciting development. he has since established himself as the popular hero of the environmental movement, appealing to the masses. being an astute, well connected politician in the past, i believe he possesses sufficient clout and charisma to convince policy makers to work towards a greener future. it is with diplomacy and an appeal to common sense that headway will be made in this issue, and things are looking up at the moment.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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