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i have to say that after watching the virtual tour of the new mac operating system, leopard, i am impressed.

what i have always liked about the apple os is that it combines both aesthetic appeal and intuitive ease of use. i am convinced many believe that the apple system is hard to use because they are intimidated by the prospect of leaving their comfort zone and switching from the windows platform. the above can’t be further from the truth.

leopard is an upgrade form the tiger operating system, both in form and function. along with the sleek, seamless interface that the apple os is renowned for, leopard features 2 new additions that i particularly like – time machine and spaces.

time machine is basically an application that allows you to locate files from the past that you might have accidentally deleted. even though disk backup is common, time machine adds value in the sense that it provides a very intuitive search function, even to the extent of featuring a timeline that aids in the process.

spaces is an improvement on expose. for non-mac users, you might already be lost but this application gives mac users the ability to multitask, rapidly switching between different windows.

nothing beats actually viewing the video for yourself so click here.

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