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the ‘kopitiam complex’

since i only have to be in school after lunchtime on wednesdays, i’d usually pop downstairs to the neighbourhood ‘kopitiam’ (coffeeshoppe) for lunch before going for lessons. this has become almost a therapeutic weekly ritual. i suppose there is comfort to be found in habit. it is hard to define, but the act of sitting down amidst the noise and the heat for a meal is oddly satisfying. below are some of my observations.

1. red plastic chairs.
2. brown veneered round tables with rusty metal legs.
3. clear plastic cups that reads ‘ribena’ on the side even if it is filled with something else.
4. the drinks auntie who always forgets orders.
5. melanin plates in pastel colours.
6. the tv that mostly entertains itself.
7. the stale smell of cigarette smoke.
8. the rojak/popiah stall.
9. the hawkers with change ready when they serve.
10. cries of ‘teh-o!’
11. the lone ‘angmoh’ (caucasian)
12. strung-up crabs in a fishtank.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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