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a new addition to the family

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no, no one got birthed today. nothing animate, at least. still, there was great joy as my brother took delivery of his spanking new apple iphone, courtesy of a friend who was recently in colorado on business. he paid about 600 bucks, which means that he managed to save 200 dollars, the extra he would have to pay if he chose to buy one from one of those shops in sim lim. the iphone is not officially available in singapore yet, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising singaporeans from bringing it in. even though the iphone is at the moment contractually available only from at&t (an american telco), softwares like ‘jailbreak‘ are giving foreign users the ability to ‘unlock’ the phone and use it with their own telcos (the iphone is a gsm phone, after all).

i have to say, the iphone is pretty darn amazing. it makes the other web-enabled phones look like gate-crashing losers. so, it’s all style but no substance? nope. the iphone is packed with features, powered primarily by an adapted version of the mac os, with wi-fi capabilities. what you hold in your palm allows you to play videos and music, use it like a regular phone and most impressively surf the web without having to squint at the display. it is also armed with an extremely intuitive user interface. for instance, the display will flip automatically depending on how the phone is oriented. the touch sensitive screen allows the user to navigate by simply touching or swiping across with the fingers.

my fingers are willing too but my pockets are weak.

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One response

  1. d.jkr

    Thats hot.

    Tuesday November 6, 2007 at 12:50 am

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