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to love somebody

the above is a video of a song called ‘to love somebody’, covered by ray lamontagne (say ‘la-mon-tain’) and damien rice, originally recorded by the beegees. this version is done in the folk-rock style, quite different from the original. no offense to the beegees, i am sure they are funky dudes, but i was never a fan of wailing falsettos. i have always considered damien rice a great singer but in this song he really is outdone by ray lamontagne, who has been said to have a voice that conjures ‘smoke and ether’ (damn, i love that phrase).

for lyrics to the song, click here.

for more music posts, click here.


One response

  1. you don’t know what it’s like
    oh no you don’t know what it’s like
    to love somebody
    to love somebody

    uhm yeah. i’ll stop there.

    I heard the clay aiken version though. lav-ly.

    Thursday November 8, 2007 at 2:35 am

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