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a few good men

really simple syndication. that was supposed to be the title of today’s post, until the news value of ‘proximity’ dictated that i write about something else.

have you ever lost a lv purse with your handphone, driver’s license and money inside? well, someone did today. that someone (let’s call her ‘clueless’) can thank her stars, because her absent-mindedness was salvaged by my dad’s sense of civic consiousness. as he recounted the story he spoke of a man who was walking behind him and exclaimed, ‘wah, you so lucky!’ when he saw my dad stumble upon the purse. of course, being the honourable man that he is, he retorted, ‘i am going to return it!’. someone got lucky alright, and it wasn’t my dad.

a friend had tried to call ‘clueless’ earlier and left a missed call. so in order to contact her we called that person [notice it’s ‘we’ now. by that time my brother and i had gotten involved. nothing like practical education. or just being plain ‘kaypoh’ (busybody)]. the person on the other end got suspicious when she heard a strange voice that didn’t match her presupposition of clueless’ voice. she then got defensive when the situation was being explained, the way slick salesmen are regarded. my dad got a little taken aback, and i can understand. after all, he’s no sewage treatment plant, and that was like having to take shit and doing good with it (i.e. convert it into drinkable water). how singaporean is that?

i am blowing the trumpet for him because he is not privy to the blogosphere, but also as an entree into a look at people’s attitudes. this incident is interesting in that it reveals the mindset of people when interacting with strangers (this is by no means a criticsm, just an observation). sure, we have been told from young to not talk to strangers or accept gifts from them, and this messages are reinforced through nasty experiences. it’s always better to err on the side of caution. i suppose this is a natural defense mechanism that protects us from unsavoury characters so all are guilty until proven innocent (very singaporean too).

then there is the chap who goes around giving free hugs. i am not sure what his motivations are but i’d like to think that he had an epiphany – a revelation that that there must be some good in the world. something that cannot be coerced from others. something that has to begin with the self.

what if not everyone is bad? will they then be turned away? will grave misgivings hinder goodwill?


for more on my thoughts, click here.


2 responses

  1. grace

    right, so i just thought it’s hilarious, the situation. ANYWAY, i gave out free hugs too! šŸ™‚ like.. last year, after chemo. yay for free hugs. heh. it’s tiring though. blah, people look at you like you’re a freak. doesnt help that i have no hair too. šŸ˜› blah.

    Sunday November 11, 2007 at 11:21 pm

  2. well you were an inspiration. and you are a good soul. let people think what they want.

    Sunday November 11, 2007 at 11:27 pm

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