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npr: all songs considered

here’s something that my bro shared with me. most know about the amazing selection of free podcasts broaching a huge myriad of subjects available on the itunes store. the national public radio of america has a series of podcasts called ‘live concerts from all songs considered’ that basically features indie musicians performing at various venues, mainly the 9:30 club in washington d.c.

if you have artists such as iron & wine, nickel creek, the arcade fire and jose gonzalez on the ‘most played’ list on your ipod, this series will prove to be a gem. the audio quality is nothing short of excellent, and fans will come to relish the soundbites when the artists are interviewed by host bob boilen.

this series is consistently ranked among the top ten most popular podcasts, and rightfully so. after all, it’s great music from passionate musicians, combined with the opportunity to hear them ‘live’. kudos to npr for championing the indie music scene, and bob boilen for his dedication in seeking out the most groundbreaking works. the late john peel would have approved.

to find this collection, launch itunes and access the itunes store. then type, ‘npr: live concerts from all songs considered’ in the search field. once the results are raised, simply click ‘subscribe’ and proceed to the ‘podcast’ module on the left to select and download the podcasts. happy listening.

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One response

  1. to see my name along side of John Peel’s is quite flattering. Whether true or not I will let someone else judge. I love my work and I try to do work that I’m proud of, I am also a musician and I think that helps me be at ease in conversation. I am also a fan of conversation over interviews and I think John did that as well.
    anyway thank you for making my week.
    all the best

    Friday December 7, 2007 at 11:58 am

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