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mediafire is an online free file hosting site that allows users to upload and share without limits. users will appreciate the ease of the process. on the main page, simply click ‘browse’ to select the file(s) from your computer and then ‘upload’. the only limiting factor is how much time you can afford to spend waiting for the file(s) to upload. i tried uploading a bunch of pictures totaling 80mb and it took about 20 mins (if i remember correctly) on my broadband connection.

normally, large files are usually shared via physical media such as dvd, thumb drives and hard disks but for those occasions when it is not possible to physically meet (such as when overseas), this method will prove to be a godsend.

after the upload is done, mediafire will generate a html link that will allow others to access the uploaded material, following which they can initiate download – speed of which will of course depend on the connection.

to visit mediafire, click here.

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