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town walkabout

the above are a few from yesterday’s walkabout around town. it was great spending a day just milling about, looking out for interesting sights and chatting with kyle, who brought his camera along too. we managed to cover the esplanade/singapore river area before lunch. the bright sun with the appearance of a fine day disappeared shortly after we had a chance to explore the tanjung pagar area a little, after which a light rain nudged us towards a starbucks for a coffee. we then walked about ann siang hill and club street, then back towards the cbd area when the rain subsided, squinting up at the towers and shooting a bit more, and watched as the great cauldron of the sky brewed it dark magic and as anticipated, rained on our parade. it was time to head home anyway.

to view the rest of the pictures, which can be found on my flickr, click here.

for more posts on photography, click here.


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