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raul midon

state of mind – raul midon

today i want to share some music, and this gentleman has been dominating my ipod for the past couple of days. check out his unique percussive tapping/slapping moves on the guitar which believe me, is absolutely not easy to emulate. what is even more sick is the faux trumpet thing he does with his mouth.

it is so appropriate that he should be singing about how everything is a ‘state of mind’. after all, he is blind.

here is an individual with every excuse to wallow in the throes of self pity and despair. yet he has chosen to pick himself up and carve what has to be considered a wonderful musical career for himself – thus far. of course it helps that musical talent runs in his family, but i can only imagine the determination that he has had to display to master the instruments that is his guitar and voice.

it is said that when a sense is removed, the rest are amplified. i think this is a case in point, for it takes a person with a golden ear and a feel for the tactile sensation of urging those tones from the guitar to produce music like that.

for the lyrics to ‘state of mind’, click here.

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