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to all who reads this… get twitter!

what twitter is is basically a ‘social networking and micro-blogging’ utility all rolled into a clean and fuss-free interface. the first is to sign up with twitter at their website, which you can access by clicking here. once you have created an account, proceed then to add your friends (i.e. using your msn or email lists). once that is done, mac users can download an application called ‘twitterific’ (download by clicking here) while windows users have a choice between ‘snitter’ (click here) or ‘twhirl’ (click here). snitter and twhirl both require adobe air to run, which can be found on the client sites themselves.

so what is a ‘tweet’? it can be an update of what you are doing, any sudden epiphanies or even how you feel. only limitation is that entries are restricted to 140 characters (thus micro-blogging). with the twitter clients on your desktop, you can easily enter updates or see those of your friends. a great way to keep track of what your friends are doing.

some notable users of this service include barack obama, whom you can ‘find and follow’.

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