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3 cheers for end of exams!

boy, i have to say – 5 papers in 3 days was pretty brain-draining. of course, the end was always in sight, just as everything, good or bad, has to come to a conclusion. a physiological sidenote: the sustained effort of writing with my right hand has taken its toll, considering the fact that typing is the order these days. i can hardly strum the guitar.

so the holidays are upon me, and i have decided to make it a point to accomplish certain things. for starters, i will embark on my ‘a photo a day’ project, which will allow me to stay in touch with photography. as such, i am making the commitment to taking my camera along with me wherever.

the consolidation of my writing and photography portfolios are long overdue, so that will be next in line. this will prove to be an important step in the search for employment in the related fields.

read more fiction. non-fiction is good. fiction is doublegood.

seek employment. singapore does not need any more jobless individuals. anyone with lobangs kindly inform.

recover some lost spirituality. that area is sorely lacking.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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