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i am into the 2nd week of work at eitzen and i must say that i am beginning to notice some rather interesting things that i thought i’d share.

every morning, at precisely 8.45 am, the waft of fragrant oil permeates the area around my desk. problem is, the smell isn’t really that fragrant. i was recently informed of the source by a colleague and for fear of being labeled a racist, i’ll hold my tongue at this point.

i am still learning of the company’s hierarchy but it isn’t hard to tell who’s above who by observing the interactions in the office. just got to look out for the air of dismissiveness. whoever has got more of that is probably above you… unless that person is trying to get you to do work that he/she should be doing.

the culture is pretty relaxed, and this is the case the further you move away from the managing director’s office. since the company space has an ‘open’ design, you can’t help but hear every dirty joke and every blatant attempt at flirting. the MD doesn’t know what is going on. his head is filled with idealistic renditions of the ‘tortoise and hare’ story.

angularity is the name of the game. the office is a big box filled with many small boxes.

i am thinking of doing a photo project called ‘the office’. watch this space.

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