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sarah’s birthday

yesterday we celebrated sarah’s 20th birthday. she is presumably older and wiser now.

dinner was at a japanese restaurant called ‘hanabi’ at king’s arcade. 3 of the guys had the buffet, watched by the ever-vigilant staff who kept repeating that those having the buffet shouldn’t share with those who were not. they looked pretty imposing with their red bandanna and all, and it must be some variation of the bushido code that they strictly adhered to – to defend the buffet to the death.

nothing really happened until pamy spilled amos’ miso soup, thus spilling the beans and at the same time hitting her clumsy quota for the day. amos was surprisingly cool. what could he do? he’s the boyfriend. we were just glad that the vigilantes (the staff) did not scream for blood for this act of ‘dishonour’. otherwise, we might have had a ‘hari-kiri’ for the appetiser, surely not the best way to begin a meal. (ok, pamy, you know i am just playing here. we love your clumsiness, for all the right reasons.)

kyle made 2 interesting observations that i feel deserve a mention here. firstly, he suggested that all the chef’s recommendations were the cheap stuff (read ‘crabstick with some sauce’ and some ‘chicken wing’ thing). next, he noticed that near closing time, all the normally vigilant staff suddenly disappeared. he suspected that they were tired of serving the ‘sashimi mixed platter’ to us, thus helping to keep the restaurant ‘afloat’.

after dinner, the cake was brought out – an oreo cheesecake affair called the ‘big O’ (how witty), made wittier by the fact that there was a big ‘0’ in sarah’s age. this was of course a case of coincidence.

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One response

  1. Dearest Chang (and the rest of the gang. But since this is your blog i address it to you),

    I am so honoured to have such wonderful friends, and yes. I think you guys are wonderfully uh. wonderful. I love you all very much, and thanks for caring so much. 😀

    I hope you find your soulmate soon. and she will be everything you asked for. 🙂

    Thank you for everything. 🙂

    Love always, Sarah

    Tuesday May 20, 2008 at 12:16 am

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