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the local scene

i spent this evening at the singapore art museum, or simply ‘sam’, covering a mini-concert by this local chinese singer called kenn o. it was put together by echo music school, where i think kenn is also an instructor. you can check them out by clicking here.

to be perfectly honest, i was not very enthusiastic about the whole affair as i have little interest in chinese music, or the local music scene in general. my preconceptions were somehow shelved by the middle of the show, noting the emotiveness of the the performances, as well as the response of the audience – while not overtly jubilant (most of them were middle-aged), they seemed to be having a good time.

i spoke to the director of the school, who by the way is an NTU alumnus, and he noted that the potential he sees locally is great, but the amount of opportunities sparse. it is true with the arts scene here in general i guess. i do feel a shift in the tides, as more and more of my contemporaries are throwing caution to the wind and pursuing their dreams.

i was a bit rusty at the beginning of the coverage. can’t remember the last time i covered an event. i got my ‘groove’ back a little into the show. watch this space as well as my flickr, for the photos should be up soon. was initially a little worried about the lighting, or rather the lack of it. i had to shoot at iso 1600 the whole time, which on my 350d means a fair bit of time removing the noise and sharpening in photoshop. the auto white balance function is cranky too, but i have come to love this camera, though i probably have to replace it soon.

many thanks to esther ong, a vocal instructor at the school, for hooking me up. much appreciation to kyle for lending me his camera as a backup (there is this huge bit of dirt when i look through the viewfinder!). thanks to desmond too, who has time and time again proven to be a wonderful source to loan lenses from. the 24-105L was great, will be getting one for myself pretty soon!

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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