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fallen apple

the mac is down and so this space has been quiet and will remain so till i get my macbook back. hate blogging from work because daytime is not the time to be blogging, at least to me. somehow the cloak of night creates a more conducive atmosphere to share.

the keyboard and trackpad on my macbook stopped working, making me feel like i had my hands bound and lips stitched, with a mind overflowing on overdrive to boot.  apparently, this is a very common problem and the chap at the apple store said that i’d have it back in a week.

it is actually quite disgusting how the daily operation of my life has become so intertwined with that white, whirring thing. i now spend my evenings reading and watching animals devour each other on arts central. a nice change, i must admit.

wkwsci foc 2008 (what a mouthful, thanks to wee kim wee) is approaching and i am certainly looking forward to it. i seek to escape the mundanity that has now become a cornerstone of my life. 111 freshies to rag, an exciting bounty.

bought myself a new lens for my camera yesterday. have been wanting to for a while and finally saved enough cash to get it. hopefully, i’ll be able to patch the proverbial ‘hole’ with the shoots i have coming up. you can help too by referring me to whoever needs a photographer. i promise a finder’s fee, or a finder’s hearty meal.

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  3. qianqi

    good job chang 🙂

    Friday March 6, 2009 at 10:44 am

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