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million dollar headgear

i found the above on google images. credit to whoever did it. bloody brilliant plus it suits the title of this post.

those who watched the 7 o’clock news on channel news asia will know this – mas selamat kastari, toliet escape extraordinaire and hater of all things civilised, has acquired a spanking new headgear, courtesy of 2 philanthropic members of the local business community.

ok, here’s the gist (poor journalistic practice i know) – mas selamat just got a million dollar bounty placed on his head. the grand prize will be bestowed upon whoever or whatever steps forward with information leading to his arrest.

this latest bounty replaces the pathetic 40 grand previously on offer. i mean come on, 40 grand an’t enough to buy you enough kalashnikovs and RPGs to arm the boy scouts, let alone a terror cell. furthermore, i doubt $40k is enough to convince potential informants to risk their lives with barely enough moolahs to start anew elsewhere. 1 millon bucks? now we are talking.

all this is very interesting in light of the recent developments or regression in the venerable world of charity. seems to me that the rich and famous are no longer too keen on sponsoring charities especially when their spare change keeps ending up in the pockets of bleating wolves.

instead, they appear to have decided that it is time to take the game to a whole new level – bloodsport. used to be that the english gentry was slammed for hunting game for leisure. these days we have manhunts. progress is a wonderful thing.

the 2 charitable souls who contributed the sum have requested that their identities be kept secret, for fear of retaliation against their lives, the lives of their families as well as their substantial business interests (you’d better believe it).

when asked about the motivation behind such a move, they stated that the very presence of individuals like mas selamat sours the climate for doing business in the region as well as internationally. also, they were getting increasingly disillusioned with the lack of headway that was being made in this regard.

henceforth, a chided society welcomes the noble act, and we wait calmly for the pigs to squeal.

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2 responses

  1. ee na

    i like your writing style in this entry. sharp and witty.

    Monday July 28, 2008 at 2:27 pm

  2. hey thanks. i was feeling especially itchy the night i wrote this post.

    Monday July 28, 2008 at 4:42 pm

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