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snapshot aesthetic

everything has a time and a place, even in photography.

one thing that all the images above share is the fact that by most conventional standards, they would be considered ‘bad’ ones – not sharp, blur, unexacting in composition. in a nutshell, they are snapshots, mostly taken without the eye to the viewfinder. lomography with a DSLR.

many photographers hark on and on about the latest gear that would help them achieve their pin-sharp, syrupy-coloured images, without realising that sometimes, limitations do contribute towards serendipity. of course, there are applications that demand the aforementioned attributes. but to believe that ‘perfection’ is the be all and end all of photography is in my opinion, narrow-minded and bigoted.

beauty is not the right word to describe the pictures, rather, a suspension of moments in their authenticity. at the point when i made those images, i had no idea how they would turn out. give chance (and photoshop) a liitle space sometimes, and the results might surprise.

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to see the rest of my works, visit my flickr. click here.


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