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in the third

i am at the moment trying to figure out what to put in the ‘about’ section of my soon to be completed online photography portfolio (a proper website, finally). this is actually a lot more difficult than it seems. one would think that with the practice facebook provides when one updates his/her status, writing in the third person would be a breeze.

it is very uncomfortable, for me at least, to write a paragraph about me that begins ‘Chang is…’ or something like that. i can’t get past the second sentence without sounding like a puff-headed megalomaniac having an out of body experience.

i suppose writing a bio in the third person lends an air of professionalism and credibility, because you can’t appear to be blowing your own trumpet. someone else, your third self, has to do the honours for you. it really is quite amusing everytime i read a glowingly impreesive bio of someone when i know that the said person probably wrote it.

chang is toying with the idea of writing something self-deprecating. it will be in the third person, of course.

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