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splatter matter!

highlight of the day was the bout of paintball at red dynasty paintball park. it can be really fun lining up the ‘markers’ and unleashing a stream of paintballs at friends, much like the kind of the ‘fire’ one would see in games like worms.

we had initially thought that we had to don the full regalia of body-vest, leggings and the face-mask but turned out that the face-mask was the only thing compulsory.

good thing i wasn’t made to regret bringing my camera into the play area, albeit for a brief period. what’s on pamy’s visor could have been on my lens.

i felt invincible in the first couple of rounds as i just couldn’t get hit. then i got popped a good one in the collar-bone (now that really hurt). i think all of us left with some sort of injury, either bruises form direct hits (as ruiqi will tell you), or scratches and cuts from attempting to replicate the ‘pro’ moves we saw on video earlier by sliding and bumping around.

at the end of the day, most of us felt a little short-changed, given that the ‘arena’ was nothing to hoot about and the actual playing time rather limited. we calculated, and came up with the figure of 20 cents per paintball (we each had 250, you do the math). oh well, maybe we can play it in malaysia or something, as suggested by adeline.

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