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the macbook affair

the laptop – one’s constant companion in the journey through tertiary life.in fact, it becomes central to life.

so it is true that time is the great harbinger of complacence. my macbook is about about 20 days over a year old, and of course i didn’t realised. at least not until i plonked down cold hard cash to extend it’s warranty (known as applecare) and realised that i could not register the serial number – as that has to be done within a year of the date of purchase.

i gave apple support a call and this is where their efficiency and helpfulness shone through. i explained to some dude called sunil somewhere in a call-centre in india (probably bangalore or chennai) that i had bought the applecare plan because i was misled by an email that apple sent me 2 days ago asking me to extend the warranty – even though i was no longer eligible to.

he opened a case file and directed me to call the ‘agreements’ department the following day and they sorted out the problem when i did – making an exception for my case. can’t complain about the customer service which is top-notch, even though i was abit irked by having to ‘please hold’ quite a few times. all’s well that ends well, so apple users, throw your hands in the air and rejoice.

now that i got some insurance for my macbook, it was time to give it a good ‘kick in the ass, pump up the veins’ treatment. so i went to funan earlier today to upgrade the RAM. i hope to see a significant improvement when i run photoshop and lightroom at the same time. in fact, i am going to try that now.

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