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old changi hospital

4 of us went to old changi hospital last saturday to have a look-see. aside from crazy-starved commando mosquitoes who no doubt saw us as a mobile buffet, the place was pretty much abandoned. we did meet a few groups of people later on. and believe me, the knowledge that there were other folks around helped to calm the jitters.

the place was pretty much a mess. everything was either broken, rusty or grimy. judging from the amount of smashed windows and glass everywhere, some really frustrated or crazy people must be among the regular visitors. apparently, druggies went there at night to shoot up. you are probably thinking: ‘but what if they run into… (complete the sentence)?’ hey no worries, they would be too high to notice anything anyway. anyway, it was great fun and thanks to sarah, sern yong and chi hua (absolutely fearless) who were there with me.

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