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*warning – some of the visuals may be extremely disturbing

“i have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. the events i have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.” – james nachtwey.

in his latest project, world-renowned photojournalist james nachtwey seeks to combat an invisible enemy, yet one that leaves in its wake ravages that are all too visible, as the stills in the above slideshow will attest to.

the ironic thing is that inspite of the all-too-real circumstances, surprisingly few people know about extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis or (xdr-tb). those who do and are in the position to evoke change mostly turn a blind eye.

perhaps we as humans have become so desensitised due to the pervasiveness of such stories that we have lost the compulsion to question and to act.

james nachtwey presented this issue to the world while making his TED wish, and is calling for support for this project at xdrtb.org. visit the site to learn more and to learn how you can support the project.

to view more of james nachtwey’s work, click here.

for more news posts, click here.


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