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this is maria the messed-up mannequin. she resides in the tv studio in my school. for years, she has been literally placed under the spotlight – i think she is used as the subject in tutorials illustrating the concepts of lighting.

today welyon accidentally messed up her hair, but we know that such accidents are not really accidents. instead, we are the conduits through which their feelings are made manifest. all the years of silent servitude (i spilled her wig once) have finally culminated in this moment of madness. maria looks like she is experiencing immense anguish.

simply put, i am fascinated by mannequins.

they wear our clothes, and hold deep within them the perfection that people aspire to – the proportionate physique, the peace of sleep that only the inanimate can truly savour.

if one day all the mannequins actually came to life, what would they tell us?

after all, we wear their clothes.

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