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off to malacca

as a kid, every bit of a holiday is to be savoured – with unjaded senses that take in the world impartially.

i can remember looking forward to even the 4-hour coach ride to malacca, a place that i have come to consider a home away from home, a destination to which i make my annual pilgrimage.

upon arrival it would be off to my auntie’s old kampung abode, the smell of wood and incense permeating the air. and the quietness that only a place left behind by time can preserve.

all that is old is gold to an old soul.

tomorrow i will make that journey yet again. i am looking forward to seeing my relatives. i will look forward to visiting the museums and the monuments. i am also looking forward to finding the bits of my soul that i left behind through the years.

and may i also find joy in the long bus rides that will bring me there, and take me home again.

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