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years upon years upon deaf ears

the speed at which i am drawn towards year-ends amazes me and leaves me gasping for breath. i wish i could say that time seems to fly because i am constantly up to my neck doing something, but that cannot be further from the truth. i have come to realise that in fact, time goes by quicker when you are doing nothing – because experiences and closures define the passage of time.

as this post quickly descends into bad philosophy, i want to assure you, my dear reader, that i am not about to launch into tearful recollection of “another year gone by”. i am also not about to make any resolutions, simply because i don’t really believe in them. resolutions work on the premise that one has sufficient willpower and fortitude within to change and to make things better. and even the most marginally-cynical of you will agree that the phenomenon of change is seldom one that starts from within. how many times have we heard – and have to bear with – the phrase that no-one can help another if that person is unwilling to help him or herself? why not replace that with: “man, that fellow needs a good jolt in the backside!”

thus my challenge to all is this: look around you, identify someone with a really bad habit that should be gotten rid of or someone that needs some serious encouragement. next, walk up to said individual and deliver him or her the finest roundhouse kick you can muster – right at the rump. then patiently explain your action while the target of your goodwill is still in shock and tears. after all, you do not want to be associated with people who exact violence without cause – namely cruel dictators and little babies.

this actually brings up a separate issue – the reluctance of people to accept reality and see the wisdom so generously dispensed to them. matter of fact, they will look at their so-called “benefactors” through slitted eyes, wondering which aspect of the personality that person is trying to promote. a whole psychological impasse will then ensue, which of course, brings us back to the first problem identified in this post.

this must be what the term “life-cycle” was meant to explain. if you already confused, it is ok. i am too.

if you take the trouble to dig into my archives you might find an opinion the polar opposite of what i am saying now. but that’s the way it is going to be this time every year. after all, i am trying to change.

for more of my thoughts (sometimes misguided), click here.

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