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editing photos

beyond editing my own photos (making selects and working on them in a variety of softwares), i also get to do the same to the work of others in my new capacity as a photo editor of the nanyang chronicle.

so far the experience has been pretty tough. with the whole new editorial team relatively inexperienced, we took an unacceptably long time to produce the very first issue of the new year. i hope the situation improves. going without proper sleep for more than 36 hours is not very enjoyable.

the best part about being the photo editor so far is that i get to shoot “dapper”, which is the fashion spread of the paper. i love working in the studio with all the lights and all, collaborating with stylists and models to create a piece of work. below is my favourite from the most recent edition.

the next installment of “dapper” will most likely be shot out of studio. we will see what happens to that one.

to view the rest of the selects from the shoot, click here.

for more posts on photography, click here.


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