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riders’ cafe

had a great breakfast with sarah yesterday at this place called riders’ cafe at the bukit timah saddle club. it’s actually printed on the menus as “riders cafe” (i think the apostrophe made things a little inconvenient) but i guess if food, not the spelling bee, is your game, you can get away with a little apostrophe-cide.

to get there you have either got to drive or take a cab in. i guess the simple reason is that people who have the money (and time) to ride horses are usually rich, and rich people usually have cars. the saddle club is located off eng neo avenue, in the midst of greenery. every time i see too much greenery, i just feel like it is not going to be there for very long, unless that area is the miltary’s backyard/playground.

the buildings in the saddle club are mostly a collection of colonial-style bungalows, with the stables being simple concrete and wood affairs. in fact, if there were more trees and overgrowth, it would look a little like my auntie’s kampung in malaysia.

that is me waiting for breakfast to be served. the chap behind me came into the cafe complete with breeches and the stick he beat them horses with. he was chatting with a couple for tai-tais, representative of the typical clientele.

sarah, about to tuck into her “eggs benedict”. she highly recommended then to me but i declined. i am just not sure i like the sound of some guy’s name in my breakfast. too personal.

a close-up of the “eggs benedict”. i applaud the chef’s use of cheese to imitate the egg yolk. more colourful that way. the real egg yolk is beneath the faux egg yolk. this is a perfect example of a culinary double-entendre i say. if they had just called this set “poached eggs”, i might have ordered it.

i had the “riders’ breakfast” instead. the jam was excellent and i liked that they included 3 grapes. nice touch visually but i did not eat them. apparently riders have to start their day with this meal, but i wouldn’t recommend having too much baked beans. think the bumping motion while riding and toot-toot.

after breakfast we took a walk around the premises. of course, the main attraction were the houses but we couldn’t really get anywhere near them (members only). managed to shoot a couple through the fences though.

thought for this one above the fencing actually made a nice compositional element.

this horse was peacefully grazing before we interrupted for a photoshoot. he ignored us for the first few frames but probably realised that we were not leaving without grabbing a few shots with it looking into the camera. so it obliged.

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2 responses

  1. My favorite is the horse in focus through the out of focus chainlink fence, it frames it perfectly.

    Saturday February 28, 2009 at 11:46 pm

  2. hey thanks. yeah that was going through my head when i composed the shot. since i couldn’t get rid of the fence, might as well make the best of it.

    Saturday February 28, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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