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meet the sister

question: what is more terrifying than meeting the parents?

answer: meeting the sister!

haha, i am kidding, really. it was great meeting rachel, sarah’s sister today. before this, i always thought that they did not look like each other from looking at pictures. i guess that photos sometimes do not do justice. in person, i can see the resemblance, and rather obviously at that. dinner at orchard hotel was good. it was a buffet but mainly, i just had a lot of seafood.

now meet austen, sarah’s dog. he is actually very cute when he is not barking, drinking his own pee or trying to hump you. he is a pretty cowardly dog. when i whipped out my camera just now, he ran away at first. then he got used to it i think.

here he is, looking forlorn. i think this is the greatest dog-look.

anyway, this space has been pretty quiet because i have been really tied up with work. expect a whole bunch of photos from my recent editorial work in the coming days! i need to sleep now.

for posts on photography, click here.


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