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cinema overdose

sarah and i have been watching a lot of movies lately, taking advantage of the substantial student discount before 5pm and the fact that school is out (hurrah!). a few days ago we caught revolutionary road. today it was taken. i thought that revolutionary road had more depth thematically, just the kind of movie i like.

furthermore, i have been watching a lot of old movies by tarantino and the coen brothers on tudou so you get what i mean when i say “cinema overdose”.

the interior of the theatre above was shot at the cathay. i am not sure if a still constitutes “recording”. perhaps it does but hey, the movie hasn’t started yet. converted the photo to monochrome in lightroom, applied a split-tone and ended off by overlaying a texture in photoshop for the finishing touch.

smoked salmon sandwich with walnut bap bread

assorted breads with olive oil & vinegar

after that it was dinner at cedele before heading to the singapre art museum to catch filament, a showcase of audio and visual final-year projects from my school. i was especially keen to see reclaim land, which is a multimedia journalism project that explores the space constraint in singapore and how people make use of the space in interesting ways. visit their website at reclaimland.sg.

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